Principals of US Solar have over 30 years of power project development experience, including 5000+ MW of projects, from permitting to construction to operation to ownership, for both generation and transmission. We understand what it takes to get a project financed and built – as promised, on time. Our engineers and advisors have worked in solar since the 1970s, including direct experience on the world’s largest solar plants.
ArcLight Capital Partners is a leading energy investment firm with more than $6.8 billion under management. ArcLight invests across the energy industry value chain in hard assets that produce high current income and capital appreciation. ArcLight’s investment team has extensive energy investing experience, industry relationships, and asset level knowledge. For more information please visit www.arclightcapital.com
Our principals have a history of focusing on long-term relationships, which is why communities invite them back for future projects. This includes scholarships, educational opportunities, local jobs, and tax revenue. Our U.S. DOE-funded Thermal Energy Storage project includes three universities and uses local Arizona contractors.
Our team understands that value for utilities extends beyond just RECs and RPS compliance. We work with utilities to site and engineer projects for maximal value, including dispatchable gas firming solutions. Talk with us about how to tailor our project proposal to best fit your needs.
Our technology religion is built on bankability and cost-effectiveness. US Solar develops only projects with commercially-proven technologies. Parabolic Trough is a solar generation technology proven over decades at the SEGS projects in the Mojave. Photovoltaic (PV) projects also have decades of field history, with projects as large as 40 MW now in operation.